Counseling (Psychotherapy)

Types of Counseling and Psychotherapy

Dr. Ranen uses a variety of different forms of counseling and psychotherapy as indicated and tailored to each individual patient’s needs.

This may include supportive or practical/problem-solving approaches to cope with stressors, exploration, and modification of unhelpful thinking patterns or behaviors (cognitive-behavioral therapy), exploration of past issues or events and how they may be contributing to current problems or interpersonal therapy.

Psychotherapy and counseling can be an integral part of healing and total wellness. With the help of psychotherapy and counseling, patients in the Baltimore area can work toward recovery from a variety of issues like anxiety, depression, ADHD, and more. Psychiatry and psychotherapy specialist Dr. Neal Ranen, M.D., is trained and eager to listen and offer the guidance and therapy you need.

Psychotherapy & Counseling Q & A

How Does a Patient Know When They Need Psychotherapy or Counseling?

If a patient needs to ask this question, then there’s a good chance that they’re also ready to start making a positive change in their life. Psychotherapy or counseling can be beneficial for patients who are struggling in either one particular area, or in all areas of their life. For patients who desire to create a brighter future, psychotherapy or counseling may be the ideal solution.

Is Therapy or Medication Better?

There isn’t a simple answer to this question because both approaches can be very effective. In fact, many patients get the most benefit from a combination of therapy and medication. Therapy is very effective for a range of emotional and mental issues because it offers tools that help a patient find new coping mechanisms.

Targeted medication can be extremely effective in helping you feel and function better by alleviating symptoms and treating conditions. Dr. Ranen may also recommend complementary evidence-based supplements.

How Long Does Psychotherapy or Counseling Last?

The length and frequency of psychotherapy or counseling are determined in collaboration with the patient, with Dr. Ranen making recommendations based on individual needs and assessment.