Medication Management

Medication therapy management

Dr. Ranen is an expert in Psychopharmacology. The use of modern medication can be employed for symptom relief or to treat any underlying condition. Selective non-prescription supplements may also be recommended.

Medication management can be an integral part of mental health and wellness. Baltimore area patients can rely on Dr. Neal Ranen, M.D., a psychiatry and psychotherapy specialist, to assist them in finding the best medications for their conditions and, as importantly, the correct dosages. The proper, targeted medication, often combined with professional counseling, can result in many conditions being extremely successfully treated.

Medication Management Q & A

How is a Medication Regimen Started?

Medication recommendations will be tailored to your particular condition and symptoms. Dr. Ranen will spend time listening to your thoughts on medication and discussing the relative pros and cons of different options.

If a patient is already on medication when they start seeing Dr. Ranen, the current medication will be carefully assessed to determine its effectiveness. If necessary, the medication regimen can be adjusted or changed.

With any changes in medication or dosages, the patient will check in with Dr. Ranen on a regular basis. Once the patient has improved and is doing well on the new medication, the frequency of visits typically can be decreased, depending on what is appropriate for the particular medication. If patients are new to taking medication, Dr. Ranen will recommend a dosage that will ease them into taking the medication.

What are Psychiatric Medications?

Psychiatric Medications are those that are helpful in treating a wide variety of conditions including but not limited to:

Anxiety disorders
Depressive disorders
Obsessive-compulsive disorder
Bipolar disorder
Dr. Ranen can discuss with you in more detail how each kind of psychiatric medication works.

How Does Medication Management Combine with Therapy?

For many of Dr. Ranen’s patients, the best treatment plan consists of a combination of psychotherapy and medication management. With both therapy and a customized medication regimen, the symptoms that have plagued a patient for a long time can finally be alleviated. For many patients, the combination of therapy and medication finally allows them to get back to leading a healthier and happier life.

Dr. Ranen may be primarily managing the medication part of treatment for patients depending on whether they already have a therapist or if their preference is primarily medication treatment.

Do You Consider Supplements?

Dr. Ranen may recommend specific supplements that have good scientific studies strongly supporting their potential benefit.