Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing in Baltimore

Genetic testing is available to help find out which medication is right for you and begin the road to recovery. It can also explain why a person may not have responded to previous treatments. Dr. Ranen has found this testing to be extremely helpful for patients. The experience and expertise of the psychiatrist is extremely important in interpreting and incorporating the results of the testing.

Dr. Ranen now offers Genetic Testing to harness advances in personalized medicine.  The test consists of screening multiple genes that will provide information about how you might respond to specific medication options for your specific genetic make-up.  The process includes explaining and reviewing the test with you and obtaining a swab of the inside of your cheek to obtain genetic material.  The results are available within about a week.  At a follow-up appointment, Dr. Ranen will review the report and discuss treatment options that are tailored to your genetic profile.

As the lead author of an article in The American Journal of Human Genetics, Dr. Ranen has particular expertise in this area.